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Sale of books and uniform for 2021

Sale of School Books and Uniforms for 2021

The sale of school books and uniforms will be carried out according to the following schedule:


1. Booklists 

a) Secondary 2 Express

b) Secondary 2 Normal Academic

c) Secondary2 Normal Technical

d) Secondary 3 Express

e) Secondary 3 Normal Academic

f) Secondary 3 Normal Technical

g) Secondary 4 Express / 5 Normal Academic

h) Secondary 4 Normal Academic

i) Secondary 4 Normal Technical

To place your order online, please go to https://www.cascoedusupply.com.sg/ (Login Name: CCSS   Password: 1419).

2. School Uniforms

CHR UniformList 2021 

To order the uniforms online, please go to https://finestuniform.com/collections/christ-church-secondary-school (Key: CCFfcs8)