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CHR's Commitment to the Environment

Christ Church Secondary School’s Commitment to the Environment

Christ Church Secondary School is committed to and values the protection of the environment.  This commitment includes:

I Rigorous Environmental Education


 A Lower Seletar Reservoir Project

All Secondary 2 students went to Lower Seletar Reservoir to learn about Singapore’s Water History. The visit included collecting water samples to test for pH, dissolved oxygen content and turbidity and building a workable water filter.

Collecting Water.JPG

Secondary 2 students collecting water

Water Filter.JPG

A Water Filter Made by a Secondary 2 student

 B Kang Kong Project

All Secondary 1 students did an inquiry lesson on the growth of kang kongs using recycled PET bottles.

1-KangKong in PET Bottles.JPG

The recycled PET bottles the Secondary 1 students used to grow kang kongs

II Active Community Involvement In Environmental Related Preparation Activities


    Reduce@NW Community Outreach

3-Green Club Door Visit.JPG

3-OAC Group 3 Door Visit.jpg

Members of the Green Club and OAC promoting Green Living during Door Visits with Residents of Admiralty