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Outdoor Adventure

Through the outdoor adventure in CHR, the school is committed to instilling a sense of adventure and developing in students a Resilient Mindset and International Outlook. It aims to deepen students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and enables them to develop skills to succeed in life.

Outdoor Adventure Facilities (OAF)
CHR has installed and built its own OAF since 2003:

1. Team-building Stations

    • Belay School Stations
    • Bouldering Rock Wall
    • Cargo Net
    • High Wall
    • Mohawk Walk
    • Nitro Crossing
    • Tension Traverse
    • Time Zone
    • T-P Shuffle



2. High Elements

    • Abseiling Station
    • Flying Fox
    • Rock Wall

abseil.jpg Abseiling
Try out how it feels to descend down a 14 m wall using a rope.
Flying Fox
Try stepping off a 3-storey platform reaching to the ground within split seconds.
rockwall.jpg Rock Wall Climbing
Try and find out how it is like to climb on an artificial wall.


3. Challenge Ropes Course

    • High Net 
    • Horizontal Playpen 
    • Leap of Faith 
    • Parallel Walk 
    • Sky Walk 
    • Vertical Tango 



Adventure Experiential Programme (AEP)

The school has a structured Adventure Experiential Programme (AEP) for all lower secondary students. Every Sec 1 & 2 students will go through a 2D/1N class camp and participate in the AEP during the camp. Besides attempting the challenging OAF, students also get to experience kayaking, trekking and simple first-aid in AEP.

‘One Student, One Mountain, One Country”
One of the key promises that the school makes to its students is “One Student, One Mountain, One Country’. Every year, the school organizes an Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) cum mountain climbing expedition for all its Sec 3 students to enable students to work together in serving the community in a foreign land so as to widen their perspective of the world. At the same time, it also provides students an opportunity to experience the thrill and rigour of mountain climbing.