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Learning for Life Programme

Focus Area: Outdoor Education

Objective: Leadership through Outdoor Adventure Learning

1.   CHR’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), formerly known as the School Niche Programme, is approved by MOE to commence in 2015.

2.   The school’s LLP not only offers students more opportunities to pursue learning in line with their interests, it also helps our students to deepen their 21st century competencies through authentic experiences. LLP will provide students with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills.

3.     LLP in CHR is designed to ensure CHRians

a)    Demonstrate determination and perseverance as they learn to manage themselves in completing Outdoor Adventure Learning Challenges

b)    Develop social awareness and relationship management as they collaborate and demonstrate care and concern for one another during their participation in Outdoor Adventure Learning.

c)    Develop leadership competencies where they are leaders of self and leaders of peers.

4.    Outdoor adventure learning also helps students to build confidence as they progress along. Because each student is different and progresses at a different rate, the programme is designed to allow the student to be challenged by choice according to his ability - not so much as to overwhelm, and not so little as to bore. Students are nurtured within an authentic experiential learning environment to connect with the world outside their classroom and overcome challenges.

5.    Exploring the outdoors provides students with rich learning experiences beyond what they can achieve in the classroom. They not only get to continuously challenge themselves, but also learn to collaborate with one another to achieve their goals. The school believes these cumulative successes in overcoming challenges will build up students’ resilience. The sense of achievement in LLP will also help them grow into responsible and forward-looking lifelong learners.


Outdoor Adventure Activities

Sec 1

Resilience Camp, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Flying Fox, etc.

Sec 2

 Resilience Camp, Kayaking, Singapore Mountaineering Federation Certification, Challenge Ropes Course, SwimSafer 2.0

Sec 3

MOE-OBS Challenge Programme, Advance Elective Module

 Sec 4Overseas Resilience Camp