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Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB)

Full Subject-Based Banding(FSBB) @ CHR

Full SBB is part of MOE’s ongoing efforts to nurture the joy of learning and develop multiple pathways to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students.

With Full SBB, we are moving towards one secondary education, with many subject bands, to better meet our students’ learning needs. This is part of the broader shift in our education system to recognise the strengths and interests of our children, to help them build their confidence and develop an intrinsic motivation to learn for life in them.

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More information on Full SBB is available at MOE’s website:  https://www.moe.gov.sg/microsites/psle-fsbb

Implementing Full SBB in Christ Church Secondary School
Christ Church Secondary School is one of the 33 secondary schools which will implement Full SBB from 2022.

This is applicable to Secondary 1 students entering our school in 2022.

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For more information on how our school would implement Full SBB, you can contact us at ccss@moe.edu.sg.