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Applied Learning Programme

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Health Science and Technology @ CHR

Health Science and Technology at CHR is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Applied Learning Programme (STEM ALP). It provides  learning opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in science, mathematics and technology to solve real-world problems.

It aims to develop 21st Century Competencies through an Inquiry Approach in Health Science and Technology. Through the programme, students will develop critical and inventive thinking dispositions and communications skills which will prepare them for the complexities and challenges faced in the era of innovation and uncertainty. To develop confident and self-directed learners who take responsibility for their own learning, the school believes in engaging our students through a team-based learning approach whereby students take ownership of their learning and work collaboratively to enrich each other's learning.

The STEM ALP @ CHR, supported  by STEM Inc, Science Centre, seeks to provide broad- based exposure for the lower secondary students to equip them with the awareness of the application of academic knowledge learnt. The upper secondary students would apply knowledge learnt across subject disciplines to authentic scenarios.