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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue Department Teachers
Mdm Lai Meei Ju 
Mdm Mandy Choo Soo Yang (LH / CL) Mdm Roslina Bte Mahmood
(SH / ML)
Mdm Thilagavathy Kathiresan
(SH / TL)
Mr Hang Kam Long
(ST / CL)
Mr Shen Ching Jen (CL) Mdm Ang Sze Yi (CL) Ms Zhao Sanmin (CL)
Ms Tan Soh Leng (CL) Mr Gavin Chong (CL)
Ms Teoh Shao Cing  (CL)Mdm Ng Wan Nah (CL)
Ms Li Yuewei (CL)
Mdm Rahimah Bte Selamat (ML)
Mdm Zahara Bte Saiman (ML) Ms Siti Nursyahidah (ML)
Ms Siti Zulaika Binte Salleh (ML) Mrs Prema Chinnappan (TL)
Mrs Arumugam Viji (TL)  
Mrs Kavathi (TL)

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Vision: Nurturing Active Learners and Proficient Users of their Mother Tongue Languages.

About the Department:

The Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department offers Chinese Language, Higher Chinese Language, Malay Language and Tamil Language for studies.

In Christ Church Secondary, learning MTL is beyond textbook knowledge and the four walls of a classroom.  We integrate experiential programmes into the MTL curriculum to make MTL a living language.  A structured 4-year plan is drawn up with specific focus on developing students’ language skills through innovative and fun-filled activities.


a)    Develop students effectively in 4 language skills, namely Aural-oral, Reading, Writing and Thinking Skills through structured MTL teaching.

b)    Inculcate appreciation of the Languages and Cultures through enjoyable experiential learning.

c)    Cultivate self-directed and active learning of MTL through ICT-infused Teaching and Learning.

Programmes Highlights 

Sec 1:              Drama in Education Programme
                        Conversational Chinese/Malay (CCM)


Sec 2:              Experiential Learning through Music


Sec 3:              Authentic Learning through Short Video Production


Secondary 3HCL students hosting educators and students from schools in China

Sec 4&5:          Structured Intensive Learning Programme


  • Festival Celebration
  • Reading Programme
  • Stretch Programme
  • PSG Talk


Cultural lesson during CNY celebration


Appreciation to our OSOs and CSOs for their heart and hard work


Chinese New Year Concert