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Mathematics Department Teachers

 Mrs Shaun Lee
(LH / Math)
 Mrs Amy Yap
 Mr Andy Lee
(Year Head - Upper Sec)
 Mr Yu Yoong Kheong
 Mdm Betty Koh
(ST / Math)
Ms Leow Swee Khim
(ST / Math)
Mdm Ng Shirley
(CPA Coordinator) 
Mdm Noor Azzizah
(EBS Coordinator) 
Mr Leonard Chng
(POA Coordinator) 
Mr Francis Seah Mr Desmond Chan Ms Ng Hwee Bin 
 Ms Chew Pei Pei WendyMs Tan Li Ping Ms Lee Soo Fen Mr Chiu Xin Yan 
 Mr Tan Zhi LeMdm Elizabeth Ter  Ms Li Lina 

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A Community of Confident and Self-Directed Problem Solvers 

Confident: Students possess Mathematical proficiency to pursue higher education or career prospects

Self-Directed: Students develop passion for the subject when they see relevance in daily applications


To nurture students’ capacity to deal with ambiguity so as to apply Mathematical skills in practical tasks and real life problems


Elementary Mathematics

This is a core subject that aims to enable students to acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines, and for applications to the real world.

Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics is offered as an elective at Secondary 3 and prepares students for A-Level H2 Mathematics, where a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation skills and mathematical reasoning skills are required. The content is organised into three strands, namely, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Besides conceptual understanding and skill proficiency explicated in the content strand, the development of process skills, namely, reasoning, communication and connections, thinking skills and heuristics, and applications and modelling are also emphasised.

Elements of Business Skills (EBS)

EBS aims to develop in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be productive employees and contributing members of society. This subject provides Secondary 3 and 4 students from the Normal Technical stream with opportunities to develop generic employability skills, values and attitudes and foundational knowledge for work in the services sector, namely in the travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries.

Computer Applications (CPA)

CPA is a skill-based subject for the Normal Technical from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 students. It enables the students to learn and use computer technology and to build up their knowledge and skills in computer technology that are current, relevant and applicable at work, in the home and community. Through the study of CPA, it gives the students a sense of mastery and satisfaction from their success when tasks are completed.

Principles of Accounts (POA)

POA is offered as an elective subject in Secondary 3 and is designed to provide students with a meaningful basic introduction to financial accounting and to develop an appreciation of the discipline of accounting. It is grounded in preparing, communicating and using financial information, and appreciating the need for ethical conduct. Students will acquire knowledge and understanding of fundamental accounting concepts and principles and apply them in different business scenarios.

Department Highlights: 

  • Pathways to Reasoning
  • Mind Your Money (Financial Literacy)
  • Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN)
  • Talent Management / Stretch Programmes: Australian Math Competition, All Singapore Secondary Math

Competition (Normal Stream)



Mind Your Money: Students learning financial literacy through a board game

ICAN lesson: Students using mini-whiteboards during a quiz

Achievements 2018

Date Event Achievement Level
Jun-18 All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2018
Lee Yen Ping Fiona (2N5) 12th position National
Jul-18 Australian Math Competition (AMC)
Joshua Teo (1E4) Distinction  
Zhang LeRan (3E4) Distinction
Sim Cheng Yi (3E4) Distinction
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