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English Department Teachers
Ms Seah Jiemin
(HOD / EL)
Mdm Ng Qin Lin, Angeline
(Year Head - Lower Sec)
Ms Nurul Jannah
(SH / EL)
Mr Tan Chai Hok
(LT / EL)
Ms Rusydiah Binte Abdul Razak
Mdm Vernice Palai
Ms Maryam Ms Agnes Goh
Ms Verona
Ms Sarah Oh
Ms Angel Chng (AED)
 Ms Dorothy Ang
Ms Lesley Leong Ms Regina BoonMs Ashreena Begun
 Mr Joshua Choo    

English Language Department Vision


Confident and effective users of the English Language

English Language Department Mission

To develop students to become engaged 21st century learners in the English Language

English Language Curricular Goals: 


  • ·         To develop students to become effective communicators
  • ·         To instil critical thinking skills in students so that they become discerning readers
  • ·         To explore real-world issues using inquiry through dialogue


To prepare our students for the increasing demands in the 21st century, the English Department focuses on giving our students various platforms to develop their confidence, critical thinking skills and the ability to think on their feet.


Some department highlights include the following:


1. Read, Explore And Discover (READ) Programme


All Lower Secondary Express & Normal Academic students undergo the READ 1 and READ 2 reading programme. Materials are specially selected to expose our Secondary One and Two students to various topics which broaden their knowledge on real-world issues. Reading education continues at the Upper Secondary with emphasis placed on reading materials that are culled from current affairs from print and non-print sources, to help build content in order for our students to be able to discuss issues and use their knowledge in both the oral and written component of the syllabus.


The Lower Sec Normal Technical students go through a special Compensatory Reading Programme (CRP), which aims at strengthening and levelling up their reading ability so that they can use the language confidently. The CRP has positively impacted students’ overall language proficiency.


2. Public-Speaking Programmes – ‘InstaSpeak!’ & ‘Loudspeakers’


As part of the department’s effort to build students’ confidence in public speaking and their ability to think on their feet, the Lower Secondary students are involved in the above programmes. In ‘InstaSpeak!’ students are encouraged to write a personal recount of an experience they had, and after which they record an extract of their recount and upload onto their class Instagram. Students do peer assessment and are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions on improvement on their classmates’ video.


‘Loudspeakers’ is an impromptu style public speaking competition which promotes confidence, eloquence and creative expression. Students learn to think on their feet to connect with their audience using a given topic. This activity encourages students to think out of the box and articulate their ideas clearly while having fun at the same time.


3. Project Work & Presentation


To encourage students to collaborate in a team and explore real-world issues, our Secondary 3 students do a project work in which they come together to do research and gather information on the issue to explore the why, the how before coming up with recommendations on ways to tackle the issues.


4. Debate and Discussion for the Upper Secondary Students


Debate and discussion are done as part of the EL curriculum in the Upper Secondary to extend students’ exposure to contemporary and controversial issues. The module aims to develop their ability to analyse, synthesise and evaluate information with one another. Students are put through a process of preparation, in which they do their research, determine the credibility of the sources, before they present their arguments with justification and evidence in a persuasive and respectful manner. In the process, students are taught to listen actively, which is an important skill, so that they can raise meaningful points of interest during the debate session, or even during class discussion.

The EL Dept is involved in the following activities:

  • Small group consultation sessions for selected students
  • Scrabble Competition (National & Zonal)
  • Student Journalists & Radio Jockeys: Les Literato & El Viva Voce
  • National Literature Festival
  • Commonwealth Essay Competition
  • Play / Musical Appreciation for Upper Sec Literature Students
  • Book A Writer Programme


LoudSpeakers – A member of the audience invited to give an impromptu speech


Part of EL Curriculum - Students presenting their ideas in the form of a news broadcast


National Scrabble Competition – Our students eagerly looking forward to the game!


Our Upper Secondary students engaged in a debate on contemporary / real-world issues