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Aesthetic, Craft & Technology

Aesthetic, Craft & Technology Department Teachers
Mr Toh Hong Seng
Mr Ng Sei Heng
(SH / D&T)
Mdm Christabel Foon Lai Kuen
(ST / D&T)
Mr Alan Ho Chin Kun 
Mdm Ng Hui Ling Mr Adrian Cordeiro
Ms Jenifer Stephanie Ms Siti Aisyah
 Ms Lai Liming Mr Zulkhairi Mr Ng Qi Qin, Gary 

Aesthetics, Craft & Technology Department (ACT) consists of 4 subjects – Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition and Music. The department was formed in 2002 when we shifted to Woodlands. We called the members in the department as ACTors and ACTresses. The department has a team of young in the service and energetic teachers. We have attained value-added result for D&T and Art in GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

Our Programme

Lower Secondary  

  1. Foundation Skills Development
    - Elements of Art
    - Principle of Design
  2. Introduction to Art forms, Eg. Pop Art
  3. Introduction to Basic Art History.

Upper Secondary

  1. Art / Design Thinking
  2. Ideas Development & Execution
  3. Introduction to Modern Art History

Design & Technology
Lower Secondary

  1. Introduction to Design Thinking
  2. Project-based Learning
    - Acrylic Design
    - Toothbrush Holder
    - Jelutong Massager
    - Ez-link card holder
    - Membrane Switch Cord

Upper Secondary

  1. Understanding of Design
  2. Skill-based training
  3. Design Experience

Food & Nutritions
Lower Secondary

  1. To develop students' knowledge in the area of healthy eating and importance of maintaining a balanced diet.
  2. How to plan balanced and healthy meals for people of different age groups through the use of nutritional tools and healthy cooking methods.
  3. To create students' awareness in the area of Consumer Studies and to know their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

Upper Secondary

  1. To deepen students' knowledge in the area of Food and Nutrition, focusing on the functions of nutrients and meal planning.
  2. To understand the concepts of food science through exploration and experimentation.
  3. To develop critical thinking and analysis skills through the coursework curriculum.


General Music Programme (GMP)

Our General Music Programme (GMP) aims to develop the following music skills in our students:

  1. Sing and play melodic and rhythmic instruments individually and in groups.
  2. Create and improvise music
  3. Describe and evaluate music through listening
  4. Develop understanding of music elements / concepts
  5. Discern and understand music from various cultures and of various genres
  6. Understand the role of music in daily living

Lower Secondary

Secondary 1: Foundation of Music

Areas of Music covered in Secondary 1:

  • What is music?
  • Music Elements (Melody, Rhythm, Tempo, Structure, Timbre, Texture and Dynamics)
  • Rhythmic Notation
  • Music Concepts
  • Playing of Percussion Instruments
  • Making music with everyday items / equipments to make music


Secondary 2: Basic Keyboard and Basic Guitar Programme

Areas of Music covered in Secondary 2:

  • Pop Music Influence: various historical influence, artistes, bands, genre & style
  • Theory concepts
  • Anatomy of the Keyboard / Guitar
  • Function of instrument parts
  • 5 basic chords (C, G, F, Am, Em)
  • Simple playing styles
  • Sing and play simple pop songs

 Keyboard Course - Students at work

                                                                    Guitar Course - Students at work