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Physical Education


Physical Education Department
Mr Ho Chee Hoong
Mr Johnson Chua
(SH / Normal Education)
Mr Azman bin Abu Bakar
Mr Hu Chang Chuan 
Mr Yap Choon Bock Ms Low YilunMs Sheereen Loke  Mdm Wan Siew Hua
Mr Richard
 Mr David Kok Ms Goh QiuTong 

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The Physical Education Department supports the vision of a nation of active and physically competent individuals. The PE programme is designed for students to value, participate, and pursue physical activities and sports of their interest and ability in order to enrich their lives, be they for recreation and well-being, personal challenge and achievement, or for national honours.

In line with the revised PE curriculum, we offer our students a wide variety of activities for their PE lessons. With at least one physical activity from each category of net-barrier, striking-fielding and territorial-invasion, students can look forward to participate in sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Football, Handball, Softball, Swimming and Volleyball.

All of these sports that the students learnt would culminate in an intra-class, inter-class or inter-house game. This promote self-monitoring and peer-evaluation (where appropriate) to encourage responsibility for one’s own learning, and to support the learning of others in an authentic context.

The PE Department will continue to develop students to be resilient and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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